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Protects and beautifies your home with this warm, pleasing glow for a “Mosquito & Insects-Free” ambiance

EcoLight Mosquito Repelling Lamp, an innovative light specially designed to keep your area “Mosquitoes and Insects-Free”. It provides a unique yellow illumination that effectively wards-off annoying and dangerous mosquitoes and other flying insects.



- Non-toxic
- Insecticides & Pesticides-Free
- Significantly reduce landing rate*
- Environmental-friendly
- Convenient & Safe
- Odourless
- Low maintenance

  - Fits in almost any lighting   fixtures
- Simple & easy installation
- Energy saving up to 70%
- Long-lasting
- Ideal For All Sorts of   Settings

How EcoLight Mosquito Repelling Lamp Works

Insect vision is different from human vision, spectrally. Insects are attracted to light in the UV part of the spectrum. The yellow luminous pigment used to coat EcoLight lamp filters out the UV radiation and creates a light source of an illuminating wavelength that keeps mosquitoes away.

Area of Coverage (m²)
7 - 9
10 - 12
8 - 10
11 - 13

*Tested by:
• Vector Control Research Unit, Universiti Sains Malaysia

Field Trial at a squatter area in Ujung Batu, Butterworth(a
town on the northwestern coastal area of mainland Peninsula Malaysia,
adjacent to Penang Island), conducted by Associate Professor Dr.
Zairi Jaal & his team from Vector Control Research Unit,
Universiti Sains Malaysia, using the Human Bare-Leg Catch
Technique (BLC).


Results & Conclusions:
The EcoLight Non-Insecticides & Pesticides Mosquito Repelling
Lamp, 13W & 25W provided adequate control of mosquito
population with an overall landing rate reduction of 64.71% and
70.92% respectively based on only 1 lamp used in each of the
houses selected for the trial.

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