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FAQs- Conceal Candle

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Are all candles alike?
No! Have you ever had a candle that burned crooked and melted to one side? Smoked and left the glass holder black? That would not re-light? These telltale characteristics result from cheap materials of which inferior candles are made, and are never seen in premium candles - ever!

Conceal Aroma Candles from BioSensory are premium candles made from the finest materials by the finest candle makers. Protect them from drafts as directed and they will burn cleanly from start to finish. The wick will never clog and refuse to light. Your glass candle holders will never again be black with soot.


How do I get the most coverage from Conceal Aroma Candles?
Select the smallest candle that is suitable to your needs, one that will burn long enough to provide you with the scent, but not longer than necessary. Because Conceal aroma evaporates slowly but continuously from the candle, you get better coverage from a small candle that is burned once than you get from a large candle that is burned many times.


How does conceal aroma candles work?
Conceal aroma candles incorporate the potent conceal fragrance. It acts as a shield to mask the human odours.


Where should I put them?
Place the candles in or around the areas where people congregate. Around the railing of a porch or deck, for example, or with the outdoor furniture on your pool or patio. Light at least one candle for every 5 people present. Light the candles in advance to allow time for a large pool of melted wax to form. Conceal fragrance is released from the melted wax.


How long do they burn?
25 to 35 hours.


How and Why should I protect candle from the wind?
You should place the candle in a tall hurricane-type candle holder. One that has tall sides to protect the flame from the wind.
When the flame is protected from the wind, a wax pool will develop in the top of the candle. Conceal is emitted from the wax pool.


How can I be sure that I'm in the coverage area?
If you can smell the fragrance of the candles, you are in the coverage plume.


Is the fragrance 100% natural?
Yes. It is 100% natural essential oil extracted from plants.


Is it safe to be used especially to baby?
Yes. It is non-toxic, 100% natural and insecticide-free.


Any safety precautions to be noted when using Conceal aroma candles?
Ensure that the candles are being placed on a heat-resistant surface away from flammable materials and out of reach of children and pets. Never leave the burning candles unattended.

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