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Mosquito Cognito


Makes You Invisible to Mosquitoes!

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MT 1004 Size: 11 x 11 x 14cm
  • Innovation working for your pleasure & safety
  • More effective than repellents that use DEET & Citronella
  • Insecticides & Pesticides-FREE
  • Simple to operate
  • Long lasting & reusable
  • Battery operated
  • Goes anywhere
  • Ideal for both Indoor & Outdoor areas like:
    Camping, BBQ, Patio or Garden, Dining,
    Children’s play area, Pools, Living Hall,
    Bedroom, Hostels, Restaurant, etc.
Mosquito Cognito® is not a repellent, but an inhibitor that blocks the keenest sense mosquitoes have – their sense of smell. Mosquitoes avoid the foul smell of Citronella and DEET, but home in on your scent. Mosquito Cognito ® does what repellents can’t …… it blocks the mosquito’s ability to track your scent. Utilizing the patented Conceal Aroma Gel, Mosquito Cognito® has been shown to reduce mosquito landings on people and animals by up to 80% when used as directed.

More than one Mosquito Cognito® device may be needed to protect a large group of people effectively. AS a rule of thumb, start with one device for every 5 adults.

Mosquito Cognito® controls mosquitoes and other backyard pests so that people can retake control of their living environment …… without being eaten alive by mosquitoes and other biting insects.

If they can't find you, they can't bite you!

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