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MozzTech M-Plus Mosquito Killer is a revolutionary device utilizes a proven trapping system that adopts a combination of advanced technologies - the Photocatalytic oxidation technology (reaction between TiO2 and UV rays that creates an unlimited amount of CO2, the gas that mosquitoes seek when looking for a hots), heating film technology, specialized colour pattern, in coordination with the engineered air flow from the fan that sucks the insects into the capture compartment. The trapped insects will eventually die due to dehydration. . Simultaneously, it also purifies and sterilizes the surrounding air.
Indoor Use
Outdoor Use (Sheltered)
Now Available in Black (MT 1011) & White/Grey (MT1011W)

Quiet – No zapping or loud noises
- Odourless
- No pollutants - Environmentally-safe
- Insecticides and Pesticides-free
- Low operation cost
- No messy sprays
- Titanium Dioxide coated plate – will
never rust, corrode or
   need replacement
- Safe for both indoor & outdoor
(under-sheltered only) use
- Powerful suction fan
- Simple operation
- Easy installation
- Easy and low maintenance
- Can be wall-mounted
-Comes with sticky board

How It Works:
The Mosquito Trap lures, traps and kills mosquitoes and other biting insects both in bright indoors and in dark outdoors by a combination of:
- Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
- Ultraviolet Light
- Heat
Mosquito Capture:
Mosquito Capture
What Is Photocatalytic Reaction
Photocatalytic is a decomposition reaction formed when Titanium Dioxide (TiO2), as a catalyst, absorbs Ultraviolet (UV) radiation from sunlight or illuminated light source (ultraviolet lamps). TiO2 can be used semi-permanently because, as a catalyst, it is not consumed in the process and therefore does not change.
Care For Your Mosquito Killer
Your MozzTech Mosquito Killer requires very little maintenance. The capture compartment should be cleaned and washed when required.

Heavy catches of mosquitoes may result in a build-up of material in the internal casing and blade tips of the Fan. Please use the following cleaning techniques to clean your trap.
Weekly Cleaning  
1. Switch off the unit & pull out the plug before cleaning or replacing the sticky board

    To open the storage compartment, press the lever (A) downwards. Then, remove the sticky board from the compartment.

    3. Clean the inside with a brush

1/2 Yearly Cleaning  

1. Switch off the unit & pull out the plug before cleaning

2. To clean other parts of the unit, separate the top cover from the body by removing all the screws

3. Use a brush  to clean the TiO2 coated plate & fan.  You may also use a damp cloth to wipe it gently

Placement of Trap

Placement of your Mosquito Killer is very important. So, please read and understand it throughly. If you do not understand or need further clarification, please call us at 03-7621 2166from 9.30am -6.00pm (Mon-Fri) and 9.30am - 1.00pm (Sat).

The Mosquito Killer can be placed where mosquitoes and flying insects are a nuiscance.

1. Place it at least 1m above the ground, ideally out of reach of children. You may also hang it against the wall.

2. Place it at a spacious dark location

3. Avoid high traffic locations

4. Ensure CO2 emission outlet is not covered or blocked by any object

5. Do not place trap near a bright light source.


Power Source 能量来源 Sumber Kuasa

220 – 240V/ 50 Hz

Power consumption 功率消耗PenggunaanKuasa

10 W

Area Coverage 有效范围 Kawasan Liputan

20 – 30m²

Size体积Saiz (H 高x L长  P x W 宽L)

31.5 x 18.5 x 13.5 cm

Weight重量 Berat

1.6 kg

Accessories: Instruction Manual & Sticky Board (for black colour only)

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