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Mozztech™ has created unique design devices for ecological pest control and specializes in insect traps. This easy to handle, efficient and economical mosquito catcher, can be used indoors and outdoors. Its specific patented features have also proven effective for catching houseflies.

Mozztech™ Combotrap is adopting a multiple-way of mosquito control advanced technologies—unique shape with an optimized attracting angle of concave surface, heating film technology to simulate human body heat, specialized colour pattern, high quality UV lamp to attract mosquitoes and other biting insects – sand flies included, in coordination with a separate chamber for release of humidity and other natural attractant to effectively lure mosquitoes. The engineered air flow from the fan will suck the insects into the capture compartment. The trapped insects will eventually die due to dehydration.


1) Features
2) How Mosquitoes Find Their Targets
3 ) Care For Your Trap
4 ) Specifications
5 ) Placement of Trap

- Quiet – No zapping or loud noises
- Odourless
- No pollutants - Environmentally-safe
- Insecticides and Pesticides-free
- Low operation cost
- No messy sprays
- Titanium Dioxide coated collar – will never rust, corrode or
   need replacement
- Safe for Indoor use
- Powerful suction fan
- Simple operation
- Easy installation
- Easy and low maintenance

How Mosquitoes Find Their Targets
When people and animals breathe, they exhale an invisible mixture of carbon dioxide (CO2) and attractant (a type of alcohol) along with a trace of moisture. Mosquitoes and other biting insects have ultra-sensitive receptors which can detect the presence of these chemicals, from almost 100 feet away. The attraction is so powerful, they immediately fly toward the source of the chemicals.

Moreover, circulating blood in animal and human targets radiates body heat. Mosquitoes also have sophisticated heat sensors to help them locate blood, their food supply. In effect, mosquitoes become heat-seeking missiles, following both exhaled gasses and body heat directly to their target. Within 30 feet, mosquitoes can actually see their victims. When they arrive, they fly around the victim to find landing sites where blood is closest to the surface.

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Care For Your Trap
Your MozzTech Mosquito Trap requires very little maintenance. The capture compartment should be cleaned and washed when required.

Heavy catches of mosquitoes may result in a build-up of material in the internal casing and blade tips of the Fan. Please use the following cleaning techniques to clean your trap.

1. Clean the unit once a week if it is used 4 hours per day
2. Switch off the trap
3. Put the Collecting Compartment and its Cover inside a sealed bag before remove them out to avoid releasing of still live mosquitoes
4. Remove the natural attractant, if is added
5. Clean the Collecting Compartment


Replacing the UV Lamp
1. Switch off the trap
2. Remove the grill using a flat screw driver as shown
3. Rotate the UV lamp 90º and pull it out

4. Insert a new UV lamp, (only use the recommended model), rotate it 90º to the opposite direction

5. Replace the grill

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18 x 21 x 24 (W x H x D) cm
Weight:± 2 kg
Area of coverage:300 sq ft2
Power: 220V-240V / 50Hz
Accessories Included: cleaning brush, operation and optional attractant
Warranty: Manufacturer's 6-Month Limited Warranty (Applies only in Malaysia). Warranty does not cover lamps and consumable items like capture compartment, TiO2 coated funnel & optional attractant.

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Placement of Trap
Placement of your Mosquito Trap is very important. So, please read and understand it throughtly.. If you do not understand or need further clarification, please call us at 03-56355548 from 9.30am -6.00pm (Mon-Fri) and 9.30am - 1.00pm (Sat).

* Hang it (1.5-2 m above the ground) or place it on a flat surface (1 m above the ground) in a dark corner/facing the room or the area you wish to protect; undershade (if outdoor)

* Place the trap in a shaded & dim area, protected, protect from strong wind.

Place the trap as far away from people and as closes to the mosquito source as possible

* DO NOT place the trap near a bright light source or under direct sunlight. Mosquitoes do not like sunlight and therefore there will not be many mosquitoes being attracted by your trap.

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